Wills and Estate Planning


We help New Yorkers plan for their future, and we make our services as affordable as possible. We provide wills, trusts and estate planning depending on your goals, property, and life insurance benefits. For families who do not have property in multiple states, and where life insurance is the main benefit, we can help lay out a plan for the future so your family is secure.


Jenne and Fernando came to Court Square Law Project to make sure their kids would be protected if anything happened to them. We were happy to help!


"We hired the Court Square Law Project to write our wills. We recently had a second child and made the decision to take care of the unpleasant task of preparing for the end of life. Christina and Jake were immensely professional and flexible during the entire process. They met with us initially in our neighborhood, and then when it came time to sign the wills they came to our home in Brooklyn. This was incredibly valuable given the demands of the newest addition to our family.  They worked hard to help us articulate our wishes in the wills with the main goal of protecting of our children.We highly recommend the Court Square Law Project because they are professional, flexible and friendly."



Because having a plan is never a bad idea.... HOW TO CREATE A WILL IN 3 EASY STEPS.

We will walk you through some of the steps to get started here, but if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop us a direct message or email info@courtsquarelaw.org.

Sure, it sounds simple enough, but your assets might have secrets. That ring which has been in your family for generations – how much is it worth? Are you sure your 401k from that job you left five years ago rolled over into your current one? Does your current employer have a life insurance policy that you signed up for on the first day along with the commuter check, and then promptly forgot about? Your checking and savings accounts often have clauses directing where your money will go if something happens to you. Do you know who’s on that list?

Every will has an Executor. This is the person that will make sure that your wishes are respected and that everything will go where it should. And while it’s not light brunch conversation, asking a close friend or family member to take care of you in this way can be a powerful and beautiful statement of how much you trust them.

If you have children, you should think about who you would want to take care of them, as well as any assets you leave to them. These two jobs don’t necessarily need to be handled by the same person either. If you have one sister that would be a great full time caretaker, and another that would make sure the college account you have set up for the kids can actually pay for college, you can specify who you want to do what.

While these are not the easiest of things to deal with right now, it will be a lot harder for your family to deal with them without you later.

An online tutorial is a great way to learn how to tie a bowtie or make sourdough from scratch, but a legal document that affects everyone you care about should be double-checked by someone you can talk to. After all, if something does happen to you, you can’t call up a website for help.

If you think Court Square Law Project might be able to help, feel free to contact us anytime and we’ll set up a time for you to come in for face-to-face counseling.

When big life events happen, everyone should get a legal health check-up! Check out an infographic created by our friends over at Lawgood.io.