A lot of kids out there don’t get the specialized education they need in order to help them thrive. At Court Square Law Project, we want to help kids get the education that New York City guarantees for all children. Contact us to set up a consultation - your child deserves it.

By law, schools in NYC have to provide educational services that benefit all children. If your child requires special educational services, such as speech/language therapy, counseling, occupational therapy, or physical therapy, then your child has a right to those services - for free. But in reality, lot of kids in New York City simply aren’t getting the special-education services they are promised. 

If you think that your child needs more support in their school, you can request a special education evaluation, during which your child will be assessed. You can attend that meeting, with an interpreter if so needed, along with the special education teacher, general education teacher, school district representative, school psychologist, and school social worker. That meeting determines whether your child falls within one of thirteen disability classifications. If he or she does, then the school has to develop an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for your child. If you need assistance with the IEP process or you suspect that the school is not meeting the educational needs of your child, contact us for a consultation.